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Virtual SMS receiving

Receive SMS - User Information

Quite often, many people need to receive SMS-messages from one or another sender. And everything seems to be simple - you just need to use your smartphone or a simple push-button phone. But sometimes there are situations when this can not be done, it is undesirable or even risky. In this case, virtual numbers for receiving SMS come to the rescue. These are fully automated online services that allow you to receive messages from any addressee without having a SIM card of one or another operator.

Options for using a phone number to receive SMS:

  • Registration on the sites of online stores, social networks, various exchanges and other Internet resources, where the binding of a SIM card is required. This allows the user to maintain anonymity and get rid of various forms of advertising terrorism - when unscrupulous website owners start sending out alerts about services, new products and the like based on the collected base of numbers, several times a week (or even a day). Moreover, often such messages even manage to seep through the blacklist of the smartphone.
  • Preservation of privacy. Whoever says it, but the mere presence of a mobile phone puts a big end to your privacy. Persons with the right access level can easily track your location, get a printout of calls and incoming / outgoing messages. And this often turns out to be not the best consequences for the owner of the room. A user using an anonymous SMS receiving service is much more secure in this regard, since there is no connection between the provided SIM card and his identity.
  • Bypassing regional locks. Even if you want to use a smartphone for registration or authorization, this is not always possible due to regional restrictions. For example, many foreign freelance exchanges prohibit users from Eastern European countries to create accounts and earn money. To weed out such people, they request a mobile phone number during registration. So why not create a fictitious personality by filling out a questionnaire in English, and not borrow a SIM card from the USA, Canada or the UK? A virtual phone number for SMS is free just for such purposes and exists.
  • Getting various values ​​(promotions, giveaways, collecting bonuses and the like). Here, the phone also serves as a limiter to exclude the possibility of multiple copies of the prize getting to one person. But few people know that free SMS numbers online easily make it possible to circumvent the established ban countless times. You can create as many accounts as you like, request SMS confirmation and increase your chances of winning distributions, quizzes and other activities involving a monetary reward.

Separately, it is worth noting the most important function of the number for receiving SMS - protection against intruders. When another site on the Internet offers to participate in a prize drawing, earn money or get an interesting information product, you start to think - is it all fraud? Indeed, often such tricks are used by scammers to replenish their spam database. Then, the calls and messages of a dubious nature begin to come in - starting from advertising, and ending with false letters supposedly from your bank and links to a fake online banking page. And there are a lot of such schemes - it’s easier to use the number to receive SMS for free and not burden yourself with unnecessary problems.

Why you should use our service

The goal of this project is to provide maximum opportunities for people who care about their security and anonymity in the Internet space and beyond. Here you do not have to go through a long registration process and confirm your email in order to use one of the many rooms provided. All of them are conveniently sorted according to the region of destination. Everyone will be able to find the best option among an impressive number of SIM cards of really existing mobile operators, be they providers from the USA, Germany, Canada or more exotic countries. Domestic companies are also represented in all their diversity.

One of the main advantages of the site is its speed. You will receive the desired message to the virtual number for SMS almost the same time as if you expected it to be sent to your mobile phone. The exception is cases where the delay occurs due to the fault of the mobile provider or a specific sender. We took into account situations when messages are voluminous and divided into several small ones, and show them to users in a combined form. This does not allow many people using the same virtual phones to receive SMS for free, get confused in the stream of several messages and miss important information.

In addition to the fact that our service provides SMS reception for free, SMS reception online is also possible for paid numbers. Particularly demanding users will appreciate this optional offer, because our prices are now one of the most profitable among similar resources. The mere availability of a paid number opens up many perspectives - here are just a few of them:

  • Increased privacy. Unlike public numbers from the free list, paid rooms are leased out to only one person at a time. Accordingly, no one except the client will be able to read the information addressed to him in SMS messages. This opens up wider possibilities for using phones - receiving important data from the sender, registering on sites sending authorization codes to the specified number, etc.
  • A wider selection of represented regions and operators. Some rooms are available exclusively for a fee, so you will have to pay a service to access them. The plus here is that in the case of an “unnecessarily” number, the user is unlikely to encounter a problem during registration on popular sites - trading floors, social networks, services and exchanges (usually duplicates are forbidden on such projects, which makes it impossible to register if someone has already done this before).
  • Qualified technical support. Any visitor to the site who decides to buy a virtual number for SMS receives quality support and assistance in solving possible problems. If suddenly the client has to deal with such unpleasant moments as not accepting the selected number on the service or site, severe delay or in general not receiving messages, he may contact the staff and ask for a replacement. We value the positive reputation of our service, so we will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
  • The ability to save the same phone for an extended period of time. A phone number for SMS for free has a significant drawback in the form of indefinite periods of its existence. You can get an SMS to a virtual number at any time while the service for accessing it is active. All changes and sent messages will be stored in an account that is reliably protected from tampering with a username and password.

The site is constantly evolving, so in the future it is possible that new interesting functions will appear, such as the possibility of receiving notifications by e-mail indicating the appearance of new SMS messages in the account, or sorting correspondence in the user's profile. The administration is also working to expand the list of supported numbers - adding new operators from different regions. Already in the list of available there are two dozen countries, and for each from one to several operators.

Typical situations of using paid and toll free numbers

A phone for receiving SMS for free is perfect for those cases when you once receive a message from one or another addressee and do not plan to return to it in the future (or at least clearly understand that this number may disappear from the list of available ones). For example, one of the most obvious use cases is quick registration on certain projects that are not related to the storage of your personal information and money. It can be a forum, site or blog, a resource with free type newsletters, a social network. Since a virtual phone for SMS is used free of charge by a large number of people at the same time, SMS should not contain personal data.

A virtual phone for SMS, which you can rent for a fee, is suitable for transferring confidential information, as it is not visible to other people. These numbers will come in handy for solving some business issues, registrations on sites that are undesirable to provide access to third parties. Even after the lease expires, other users of the service will not receive data on transmitted messages. For comparison, online numbers for receiving SMS for free, in case of inadvertent use, can ultimately lead to the seizure by a fraudster or other ill-wisher of control over your account, which often leads to the most unexpected consequences. For example, sending on your behalf a large amount of spam and subsequent blocking by resource administrators.

User's manual

Before you start working with our service, which provides free numbers for SMS, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of his work and the possible consequences of ignoring them. Firstly, a free SMS number in itself implies the simultaneous use of it by several persons at once. The lack of the need to register has a downside - all messages are on the page in the public domain. Therefore, you should avoid transferring any personal information through this communication channel, for example, logins and passwords from entering accounts that are important to you. No one guarantees you that a third party will not want to take advantage of the loophole left for him and will not gain access to the profile associated with the number.

Secondly, the list of available numbers periodically changes - some providers are replaced by others, and access to many phones disappears. Because of this, it is not recommended to use the numbers provided for free to register valuable accounts for you (for example, if this is a wallet in an electronic payment system). Then in a situation if the administration asks for confirmation of identity during the change of IP or you lose your username and password, recovery will be impossible. And no technical support service will meet you. We'll have to say goodbye to the account and the values ​​stored in it.

In other cases, using phone numbers to receive SMS for free is more than appropriate. To do this, you will have to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Open the page with telephone numbers on our website by selecting the region and operator that is most suitable for you (virtual receiving SMS covers a large number of countries for free, so even the most demanding users will be satisfied).
  2. Copy the combination of numbers (or remember) and tell it to the people who will need to send the message. It can be either another Internet user or an automatic service.
  3. Wait a while before the sent free SMS without a number appears in the window intended for this. The waiting period rarely exceeds a period of about a couple of minutes.

Usually delivery occurs without any problems, but occasionally there are situations when SMS simply cannot get through to the addressee. In this case, the online service has nothing to do with it, it is a conflict on the side of the provider or a specific sender. Everything is solved quite simply - using a new number, preferably belonging to another country and operator. The user of the resource is in no way limited in his attempts, since the list of available options on the site is tens.

Current prohibitions and liability of the administration

Visitors can use all the services provided on the service for their personal purposes - to register on sites, bypass regional locks, protect privacy, etc. Your country and region of residence do not matter. But there are several limitations that you need to remember when using a virtual phone number to receive SMS. Accessible numbers may not be used for any illegal activity - fraud, drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Also, the use of numbers for registration on some types of resources, such as sites of electronic payment systems, banking organizations, is not approved. Many of them have already been blacklisted, so the user will not be able to receive messages from these addresses.

The administration is not responsible for any consequences that may occur to people using a toll-free phone number to receive SMS. This includes the impossibility of gaining access to the same number after some time, the transfer by a person of carelessness of his personal information to third parties (for example, if the username and password from the site were sent in a message to your addressee), the inability to register on a particular resource. In addition, the administration will issue any necessary information to the law enforcement agency if they request information about a person involved in any illegal schemes.

Another limitation concerns automatic programs. Now the only officially authorized platform for working with the service is a web browser in which users can work in manual mode. By the number of SIM cards used per day and registrations / requests, no limits are set on them - they can be in the tens or even hundreds. But if the user wants to use automatic software to collect numbers and use them en masse, this will lead to negative consequences for the audience of the project. Therefore, people noticed for such actions by the administration of the resource are easily calculated, blocked and cannot continue to use SMS online for free or other services.

Internet users who first encounter such a service as a virtual phone number for receiving SMS for free, very often at first begin to ask fairly typical questions. So that you do not have to look for answers on third-party sources, we briefly described the most common moments that people have difficulties with.

Used free numbers for SMS VK, but could not complete the registration. They write that the number is already in use. Why? - the fact is that phones that are freely available are used by hundreds of people (you can even see the counter of received SMS for each of them, they are often in the thousands). Large sites like the VKontakte social network are usually very popular, so finding an available number is not easy. The only quick option is to buy a number for receiving SMS.

Messages do not arrive on the specified phone. What to do? - There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it can be a banal incompatibility, because of which the specific operator and resource on which you are trying to register or request a return message cannot reach the specified address. Secondly, this site may be on our blacklist. This includes banks, microcredit organizations, sites with paid subscriptions and other unwanted projects.

Are there any limits on the use of free services? - no, a virtual number for SMS can be used for an unlimited number of messages, plus the user can change one phone to another at any time if he suddenly ceased to meet his needs. For example, when the virtual reception of SMS is impossible due to the registration already made, made through the service by another user.

Once upon a time I took free numbers for receiving SMS for registration on the site and now there is a need to restore the account. How to be in this situation? - unfortunately, now everything depends on the case. The phones provided by our service have a certain “expiration date”. Some of them become inactive and are removed from the list, which is why it is not possible to access them in the future. Using such registration numbers, you should make sure in advance that you will not need to contact them again in the future.

How to get a virtual phone number for SMS? - at the moment, you can’t buy a SIM card and use it remotely, but you can rent it for a certain period of time (for a period of several hours, up to weeks and a month). Our affordable pricing policy is designed in such a way that the longer you expect to use your phone to receive SMS, the less you pay for each hour of this service. This allows for a long time to use the provided numbers productively.

If you still have not found a solution to your problem in this guide, please contact us using the contact information provided on the website.

Conclusion Should I use virtual phones to receive SMS?

Summing up all of the above, we can confidently answer - yes, the service provided by our project is now relevant and is in great demand every year. Online numbers for receiving SMS are a real salvation for people who do not want to transfer personal information about themselves to third parties, fall under the scammers' guns and spam advertising with the offer of unnecessary goods and services. In addition, not everyone has the opportunity to access the SIM card of an operator located in another country - the United States, Japan, Germany or any other of the wide list available in online services. And the advantages of our site for receiving SMS are not limited to this. Users will definitely like:

  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation and easy access to all provided functions. Just a couple of mouse clicks separate you from finding the right number to receiving an important message.
  • Availability of both paid and free-of-charge functions. Free numbers for SMS registrations do not require you to create an account - just select a country from the list and copy the number you like from the sheet.
  • Many real numbers from mobile service providers. There are numbers of popular mobile operators in the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Europe, and other regions. The list is constantly updated with new names.
  • No restrictions on purpose. Free virtual numbers for receiving SMS can be used for any activity, except perhaps for clearly criminal actions (fraud, the exchange of illegal information, etc.).

Interested in any of the following? Then do not miss the opportunity to try out the functionality of our site, get your first SMS for free through a phone number and at the same time add this page to bookmarks. After all, you never know when again you will need to quickly register somewhere or receive an important message somewhere.