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Virtual Number - User Information

In the modern world, even despite the widespread use of mobile phones and smartphones, many people need to use a virtual number online. And there can be many reasons for this:

  • The desire to maintain their anonymity. If ordinary SIM cards can already be said to be related to your personality (and in some cases, even issued to a person according to your passport), then a free phone number via the Internet is completely autonomous in this regard. A person can send as many SMS online as possible to various recipients, and they will not be able to establish his real email address, full name or other data that many people prefer to hide.

  • The need to register on a particular resource. Even if the site is verified and is very popular, indicating your real phone number is not a good idea. After all, you can never predict who will get access to the database of customer’s SIM cards, or whether the site owners themselves will use this database for personal gain. This can lead to a number of problems, for example, they will start sending you an endless stream of advertising SMS with notifications about promotions, draws and new products. Toll-free numbers for registering on the Internet can forget about such problems.

  • The need to circumvent regional restrictions. Your mobile operator is not always suitable for working with various destinations, especially when it comes to foreign resources. So you wanted, for example, to register on the American Freelance Exchange, but it doesn’t work out - they set restrictions there that do not allow an audience from Russia and other East European countries to work. Your Beeline number is not accepted at all. The question is simply solved - a virtual phone number of a suitable country is taken (the United States, as in our case), with the help of it a questionnaire is registered under the data of some John, and that’s all - you can work.

  • The need for multiple registrations. It often happens that people need to create several profiles on the site at once (for example, to increase the chances of winning a competition or a promotion, do mass mailing and the like). Getting for this purpose a few dozen new SIM cards will be economically disadvantageous, so it is best to use free online numbers without registration. Since they are all completely different and belong to different countries / operators, the owners of the site simply will not be able to calculate such a cheat, especially if you also use the corresponding IP addresses.

Resources are very popular that allow you to create a virtual phone number or choose a virtual phone for VK and other sites from existing ones, among people who make money on the Internet. For example, webmasters can do with their help a lot of accounts on social networks, promoting them their groups, blogs or other sites.

What is our service?

The purpose of this project is to provide network users with virtual telephone numbers for sending and receiving SMS messages on a paid and free basis. Work is carried out through real, legally obtained SIM cards of existing mobile operators from around the world, including such popular regions as the USA, Canada, France, Germany and a dozen others (coverage will only increase over time). The term “virtual” is used here only because website visitors get access to numbers through online functionality. To access the features they need, users need only a few clicks of the mouse - to go to the page with a list of countries and numbers.

In addition, we not only provide free mobile numbers for receiving SMS messages, but also allow us to buy a virtual phone to send messages with it and organize mass mailings. Working with our service is convenient and profitable because of the following advantages:

  • Cost savings. Even if you do not use a free phone number to send SMS, but prefer to order a paid service, it will cost you much cheaper than if you sent messages according to the tariffs of your mobile operator. This is especially true in cases where the user tries to send SMS to the number of another mobile service provider and even to another country. If you do not use a virtual phone, you can instantly lose all balance from the account on the SIM card.

  • Convenience of work. The interface of our service is thought out to the smallest detail and does not contain anything superfluous, so even a person who does not really own a computer can understand its functions. Plus, do not forget that a computer keyboard is a much more convenient way to enter text than the touch screen of a smartphone or a button on a regular phone. If you need to send several messages with a solid amount of text, and even to several recipients, a virtual number is the best option.

  • High level of privacy and security. We guarantee the complete safety of your personal information in the case of using paid services (toll free numbers are in common use, so you need to be careful when transferring important data). The administration will not save for personal purposes and transfer your correspondence to third parties, and will not disclose other details about the user's identity - the IP from which he accessed the site, the browser used, etc.

If you are interested in these advantages, you can safely begin to get acquainted with our service in practice. But first, be sure to read the instructions on how to receive and send messages from the provided free and paid numbers.

Getting a virtual number to receive SMS

To get a SIM card online for free, you don’t even need to go through a long and tedious registration process. It will be enough just to go to the site and perform a simple sequence of actions, which is listed below:

  1. Open the page with numbers for receiving SMS, where a list of countries to choose from will be indicated, and find the most preferable option for you.

  2. In the next menu that opens, select the appropriate virtual mobile number by copying the sequence of digits to the clipboard or rewriting, if necessary. Note! Only rooms marked “Online” are currently available. Non-working ones are designated as “Offline”.

  3. Share the copied phone number with your addressee (the person or service who will need to send you a message). For example, this number can be inserted into the registration form on any site.

  4. Wait for an SMS message containing important information for you. It will be displayed in a special window by clicking on the selected number.

As you can see, everything is done quite easily. But users must understand that sometimes a virtual phone number can send SMS messages very late or not deliver at all. This is by no means the fault of our service, but the problem of the mobile operator and the site with which the client works. For example, some Internet sites generally do not work with mobile service providers from certain countries, and the operators themselves simply can not send a message. In this situation, the user has one way out - to use another number from the large list provided. No restrictions in terms of the number of received messages and addressees are not set.

How to get a virtual number for sending SMS

Unlike receiving messages, virtual numbers for sending SMS require a little more action, but thanks to a simple interface with a minimum set of options, there will be no difficulties. Just follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the page with a special form for sending messages, which allows you to get a free mobile number online.

  2. In the special line, write down the number to which you plan to send SMS, indicating the provider code in front of it. For example, the Lifecell operator has the prefix 063, and Tele2 - 977, 951 and others, starting with nine.

  3. Decide on the layout that you plan to use when typing a message. Note! A toll-free number works by the same rules as regular SIM cards, and has the same restrictions on the number of characters. Typing the text in Latin letters, you can fit a little more information than in the case of the Cyrillic alphabet.

  4. Write the text of the message, keeping within the limit on the number of characters. The use of generally accepted abbreviations will help to convey more information, in addition, the free number site does not prohibit you from sending several SMS to the specified addressee at once.

  5. Confirm that you are not a robot by checking the captcha or by entering a verification code (a forced measure designed to counter spam using automatic programs), and click on the send message button.

All, in the shortest possible time, a virtual number without registration will deliver your SMS to the addressee. Only three situations may become an exception: when there are any problems on the side of the mobile operator; when a subscriber has disappeared from the network coverage area (for example, somewhere in a remote area outside the city or down the metro - then the message will come to him as soon as he reappears within the cellular coverage); and when the addressee has restricted access to this number for some reason. In the latter case, the reason often becomes the fact that the virtual number you used for registration has already been used for the same purpose by another client of the service, and multiple accounts are prohibited. Usually this happens when you try to create a new account on a popular site like the VKontakte social network and other large projects.

Free phone numbers without registration have a large list of indisputable advantages - no need to pay for the purchase of a SIM card and for sending SMS between operators (given that many service providers in the mobile market have raised the cost of services, this is a very fat plus), no need to fill out personal information, email binding. But such a convenience also has a downside - publicity. A free online number is at the disposal of many people. If it comes to receiving SMS, they get access to the same page as you. And this means that it is better not to transmit any confidential information through them. An obvious example is that you registered on some site and he sent you login details via email (login and password). And if the attacker sees the message text,

The second drawback, which was already mentioned in passing a couple a little higher in the text, is the difficulty with registering on popular resources. Toll-free numbers for VK, Odnoklassniki and other well-known projects with tens of millions of people are unlikely to work unless you, of course, succeed in being the first to attach this phone to your page. Plus, it is possible that subsequently using this phone they can try to recover data for authorization (if you created a page, it is better to immediately configure its security accordingly, for example, additionally restricting access to it from third-party IP addresses).

If you buy a virtual phone number, you will not only get rid of the problems associated with free services, but also get access to a number of privileges:

  • Increased security. Since the phone is issued individually (in one hand), no one except the client can use it or see the history of correspondence. But now you can use the virtual number for VK or register on other sites visited, transfer confidential information between different recipients.

  • Wider list of features. Having issued a paid service, the user is able to choose from a much larger number of regions and mobile operators that operate in these regions.

  • Reliability and durability of telephone numbers. Phone numbers online for free, as mentioned earlier, are used by a large number of people. Because of this, they periodically have to be replaced by others and "debited". A person can use one number, and the next day already completely lose access to it. With paid numbers this will not happen while your subscription is active.

You can buy a virtual phone number for VK (creating a page on a social network) or other purposes, on our website at competitive prices. The service offers several tariff plans, depending on the terms of use. If you sign up for a long period, every day using the number will cost you much less. More information on pricing and payment methods is described in the corresponding section.

Rules for using the service. Prohibitions and restrictions

The purpose with which this virtual number service was created is to provide network users with a decent alternative to SMS correspondence, emphasizing the confidentiality, security and low cost of services (some of them, in general, are provided absolutely free and without registration). Anyone can become our client, regardless of the country / region of residence, and the list of purposes for which the telephone numbers are intended is virtually limitless. The only exceptions are bans on:

  • Use of the provided telephone numbers in any illegal activities. These include participation in the distribution of illegal information content, drug trafficking, blackmail / extortion and other types of fraud. If the user is noticed for such actions, he will immediately receive a lock on the service. In addition, in the case of a request by law enforcement agencies for the issuance of data on the offender, they will be fully assisted.

  • Spamming (intrusive advertising). A virtual phone number is free or its paid version is provided for registrations, correspondence and other activities, but if they include aggressive mailing of an advertising nature, this may be considered a violation of our rules.

  • Using automatic software. Our toll free numbers are used by a large number of people. Any attempts to automate the process using specialized software for collecting numbers and subsequent sending / receiving messages can create a heavy load, thereby making normal use of the service by other site visitors impossible. To prevent this, a ban on programs for automatic mailings and similar software has been established. Users using them will be blocked.

Separately, it is worth noting a few recommendations for people who prefer to get an Internet phone number for free and work with it. First, you should be careful with the content of the messages you send. When registering, some sites send login information to them, and if someone wants to use them for their own purposes, this will not be in the way. Secondly, our numbers are anonymous and have no connection with the people using them. If you want to contact a person and, for example, ask him to call back to your mobile number, you will have to notify the addressee.

Many people while using the service have questions that may well be called “banal” and “hackneyed”. So that you do not encounter any misunderstanding and difficulties when operating the site functions (paid or free - it doesn’t matter), we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the brief FAQ.

Can I create a virtual number?  - No, there is no such possibility. The work of the service is based on the availability at our disposal of real SIM cards of mobile operators from different countries and regions. Accordingly, the user can get a virtual number for free or for a fee, but only by choosing an option from the available list. It is quite wide, so you can easily find something suitable for yourself.

Can I receive segmented messages for free on a cell number?  - Yes, our service has an excellent function for working with such SMS. So that the sent pieces of text are not lost between messages of other users, they are all grouped into one large SMS, which is displayed on the screen only after the delivery of the last part. And if you are worried about the safety of information, you can always buy a virtual number for VK and other activities. Messages from it will be posted on your profile and will not be publicly available.

There was a need to create a wallet in the payment system, take a loan from a bank, apply for a loan in an MFI. Can I do this using your numbers?  - No, due to the large number of cases of fraud, it is forbidden to use virtual numbers on this and similar services for free in order to register or gain access to any credit and financial resources. You simply cannot receive SMS from some sources, as they are by default in our black list.

Can I use a virtual phone number for free for VK and other social networks?  - Yes, you can register a page for yourself without tying your SIM card to it and without violating your privacy. But due to the large number of those who wish, it is sometimes problematic to use a specific phone. It may already be taken. If you want to guarantee a quick creation of a new profile, it is recommended to purchase a virtual phone number for VK by subscribing for a minimum period of time and use it to create any pages on visited resources.

What should I do if the SMS messages that I ordered on a virtual phone for free come with a long delay or do not arrive at all?  - Typically, this situation occurs due to the incompatibility of specific resources and mobile operators or network problems for these operators. You can solve the problem by changing one number to another (try to choose a service provider that is located in one region with the resource on which you are registering). For example, the best virtual number for VC for free is a Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian or other CIS operator.

Can I replace paid virtual numbers online for free if they do not suit me?  - the administration of our project values ​​its reputation very much, so consumers of paid services may not worry about their quality. In case of technical problems or inconsistencies with the declared functionality, the issue will be resolved in favor of the customer. And one of the options is to replace the issued number with another one that can satisfy customer requests.

To summarize

What gets on the Internet stays there forever - this expression refers to the list of those with which nowadays no one will argue. And this is one of the many reasons why many people prefer to find a free phone number on the network rather than shine on virtual spaces of their own. This way they gain the rightful anonymity and confidentiality that they are entitled to, insure themselves against possible attacks by scammers and scammers, as well as countless phone spam. A virtual registration number for free helps to get access to various network resources that are blocked for certain regions and operators.

Equally useful is a feature that allows you to send messages directly over the Internet. She is able to help out a person in a difficult situation. For example, if he suddenly loses access to his real SIM card or simply expends funds on his account. A cell phone number for free gives you the opportunity to contact the recipient from anywhere in the world, send him a request to call back, etc. Looking back at the popularity of services with online SIM cards, many mobile operators also began to offer similar functionality, but they lose to our service in multitasking and convenience. Our advantages are obvious:

  • Almost unlimited possibilities for sending and receiving messages. A huge number of real SIM cards from different regions provide a large number of users with comfortable work. The list is regularly updated with new names, and old numbers that have already been used to receive messages tens of thousands of times are replaced with fresh ones.

  • Multifunctionality. Only here you can get a virtual VK number to create a page there without being tied to a real SIM card. On many such resources, registration SMS may not arrive at all or arrive late, which is unlikely to suit a person who values ​​his time. If necessary, you can buy a subscription with an individual phone number.

  • Simple minimalistic interface, primarily focused on ease of use. Almost any function on the site becomes available in a couple of mouse clicks. You can easily buy a virtual number, use a free one to send and receive messages, view useful information, etc. No pop-up ads, automatic redirection from page to page and other things that damage the comfort of things.

You can evaluate all the functionality provided on a paid and free basis now - the necessary tools are available on neighboring pages. And if you like it, be sure to bookmark our project and share the link to it with your friends on social networks.

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