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Like houses with apartments in our daily life, sites on the Internet have their own specific address. In the first case, this is a city, street, etc., and in the second, a domain name and the path to a specific page following it. And far from always email addresses are convenient for remembering, copying and posting on the Internet, rather, on the contrary, some difficulties constantly arise with them. Fortunately, this problem was almost completely eradicated with the help of a convenient tool called “Link Reduction Service”. Let's take a closer look at how this technology works.

Services of this kind work on a single principle. The user enters in the special field the address of the page that needs to be shortened, and the site hides it in an electronic cell specially created for this purpose. Access to it is possible only through a unique code issued for replacement, which in fact is the very “shortened link”. This principle of operation can be compared with the forwarding of telephone numbers. A man calls on one phone, and throws it on another.

The short link generator can be used not only for its intended purpose (to reduce the email address, to make it more convenient and memorable), but also in many other situations. Here are some examples:

  • Work with referral / affiliate programs. Internet entrepreneurs and webmasters often use affiliate programs as one of the main sources of income, but receive less profit due to the toxic mentality of people. Some users deliberately cut off the referral code from the link in order to prevent another person from making money at their own expense, although this in reality does not affect their finances. The link contractor does not allow you to see where the redirect leads, so you are more likely to get a referral.
  • Link placement on social networks. Some popular sites limit the number of characters in one message, so the bulky link that the account owner wants to leave is not always placed, and if it is, it does not allow you to place any accompanying text next to it. Reducing the urls (links) of VKontakte, Twitter and other social projects helps to rationally use the available space.
  • The need to collect statistics. By placing urls (links) on various sites, Internet users usually do not receive information about how many people made the transition, from which browser they are sitting, what version of the operating system they are using, or in which region they are located. Fortunately, many services that allow you to shorten the link solve this problem by providing the necessary data on a separate page, sometimes even on graphs and diagrams. This tool is especially useful for webmasters and people who earn money on affiliate programs.
  • Work with smartphones. Although this feature is not in high demand, it cannot be underestimated. Imagine a large link with a bunch of characters that you have to manually drive into the address bar of the browser on your portable gadget. Long and uncomfortable, isn't it? It is much more convenient to make a short link and generate a QR code on it on the same service, so that later owners of smartphones can easily read it and gain access to the page. For example, you are the owner of a business and advertise it with flyers, ads, etc. The code is much more modern than bulky urls (links) and will interest potential consumers.

On the other hand, an abbreviated link can scare people away, because not all network users trust this or that site enough to navigate to unknown addresses. The very reduction of Google urls (links) or similar urls (links), it is not clear where they lead, many are suspicious. But this is a matter of your reputation.

What can our service offer and why should you choose it

Now such tools number in the tens, if not hundreds. There is a link shortener VK, which users of this social network can use, shortened bit ly urls (links), etc. All of them have their own characteristics, and far from always positive ones. Our service is much younger than competitors, therefore it was developed taking into account the shortcomings of the projects listed above. Here are just a few of our core strengths:

  • Reliability and stability. When the Google link shortener was finally and irrevocably closed, many users of the network lost confidence in such sites. After all, each of them may at any time become temporarily unavailable or even be closed altogether. But in our case this will not happen, as the project is designed for the long term and uninterrupted provision of services.
  • No need to register an account. To get a short link, just enter the desired address in the window (or just copy it there). Although in the future the possibility of optional registration with the preservation of data on previously shortened urls (links) is being considered.
  • Preservation of privacy. The administration of the service does not collect statistics on user urls (links) in any way to use this information for personal purposes.
  • Convenient Russian-language interface. Regardless of whether you are a proud user of a PC with a wide diagonal monitor or prefer to surf the Internet from your smartphone, converting the link into a short one will not be difficult for you. Paste and copying is performed in convenient ways - both by classic selection, and by throwing it to the clipboard with the click of just one button.
  • Opportunity to make money. The click link shortening or Google’s now dead link shortener did not give its users such a useful opportunity as direct earnings. SS reduction of urls (links) from the popular social network VKontakte too. We are planning an optional display of advertising during the click on the urls (links). Accordingly, users will have additional motivation to convert urls (links) and distribute them on the Internet - a small passive income.
  • Continuous improvement of functionality. Although the resource already performs its main function, namely shortening urls (links), it is always possible to modify or improve something in the interests of users (make navigation more convenient by connecting to the api site with the ability to automatically generate shortened urls (links)). And be sure - we are doing this.

You can now test the available functionality by bringing one or more urls (links) to a compact form, and place them on different sites on the Internet, transfer via online chat or social networks.

Quick Start Guide

If you want to use the site of short urls (links), go to its main page (for quick access to the service it is recommended to add it to your browser bookmarks), where the necessary text field is located. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the desired link into the contractor window. It can be shortening urls (links) com or ru, shortening urls (links) YouTube (a popular video service) - it doesn’t matter. In any case, you will get a more compact link in terms of space and more convenient for copying.
  2. Place the received link on the clipboard by manual selection or by clicking on a special button on the service page. It can be posted on your Twitter microblog or other social networks, on a website or forum, and shared in a chat. A huge number of applications.

Also on the site there is an additional function - name selection. VK link shortener and Clicker link shortening, which many Internet patrons are accustomed to using, are quite limited in terms of capabilities. We plan to allow users to assign unique names to urls (links) (of course, with some restrictions and only if they are not busy with another user's link).

Prohibitions and restrictions on the use of the service

Our original goal was (and is to this day) the creation of a convenient tool to shorten the link online. Any user can use this tool, regardless of the device from which he accesses the Internet, and its territorial location. No regional or other locks. On the other hand, there are a number of quite obvious prohibitions regarding the use of the service as part of criminal activity. These include:

  • Using a shortcut to mask malicious objects - urls (links) to sites with viruses, trojans and other hacker software.
  • urls (links) to fraudulent sites (especially those designed to steal personal information through phishing).
  • Concealment of urls (links) to illegal content - all materials (both textual and graphic) are prohibited by law.

If any of the above happens, the site administration reserves the right to delete all data and block the user who was found to be in violation. Accordingly, he will no longer be able to create a short link in a convenient format, just as he will not be able to access statistics and other useful functions on the site.

Even in working with such a simple service as short urls (links) online, many people are faced with certain difficulties. However, all of them are easy to avoid if you immediately read this small FAQ.

- How long do short urls (links) last? We do not provide any time limits affecting the life of urls (links). They will exist as long as the project itself exists, regardless of the popularity of the link and the number of clicks on it from other Internet users. Yes, the situation with the tool “Google shortening urls (links)” has shown that even large companies cannot be trusted, but we have no reason to close.

- Is it possible that the short link service will generate one link for several users? No, this possibility is excluded. Each site copied by users of the link is assigned a specific unique address. The combination of characters in the urls (links) is enough to provide millions of options.

- Can I use your site to work with social networks? Yes, there will be no difficulties with the display and transitions in the process. The service is compatible with all popular resources: if you need to shorten the VK link, or so that a short link to the YouTube channel appears somewhere, you can safely reduce it.

- Does the use of shortened urls (links) affect the speed of access to the page? The service works in such a way that a redirect occurs almost instantly, without any tangible braking for the user. Also, the site has no problems with accessibility in different regions, while the reduction of Yandex or VK urls (links), the reduction of urls (links), for example, is not available in Ukraine due to sanctions by the government.

To summarize

As you can guess from all of the above, creating short urls (links) can do a lot of good. If you need a short link to the YouTube channel or you want to hide the referral code on which your earnings on the affiliate program depend, the link shortener is perfect. Working with our service is as simple as simple: just copy the email address that needs to be converted from the browser line (or from another source where it was located) and paste it into the field specially prepared for this purpose. At the same time, a short link will appear on the screen, clicking on which will transfer the user to the original page.

As for the fears of some users regarding the speed and safety of urls (links) that the unsuccessful Google example prompted them to (Google can’t shorten the link anymore, as well as using the creators created earlier due to the closure of the project), they are groundless. The site will not stop working in the future, and the number of opportunities available to users will continue to increase.