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Proxy List - User Information

Proxies are servers (computers, machines - call them whatever you want) that act as intermediaries between your device and the network nodes to which you want to connect. The presence of such an intermediate link opens up a host of advantages, in particular:

  • The ability to hide from the final recipient your email address and other information that he could collect if there was a direct connection, replacing it with proxy server data. This makes you, though not completely anonymous, but still quite protected.

  • Bypassing various locks on Internet resources. This may be termination of access in the event of a ban over IP, blocking at the provider level, prohibition of superiors to visit social networks from the workplace, or some other reason. Not the point. Using free working proxies, getting around this limitation is simple.

  • Protection against fraudulent and hacker attacks. Typically, proxy servers have built-in systems that allow you to filter incoming data. Plus, as noted earlier, you can hide the real address and a lot of other data, without access to which attackers will not be able to harm you in any way.

Thanks to all of the above, Internet proxies are used in a variety of situations. Some people use them to access blocked resources - for example, payment and search engines, news publications and gambling projects that have fallen under state sanctions. Others with their help participate in free giveaways on the Internet, registering at once from several accounts under different IP. Still others are simply encrypted by accessing suspicious resources. One way or another, the services provided by our project will be extremely useful to them.

How our service works

The primary task of the site is to provide users with an up-to-date list where the latest free proxy addresses will be listed, conveniently sorted by a number of criteria important to users. Among the variables there is an IP address, port, the name of the country / region in which the server is located, data on speed, anonymity level, latest updates. Also, proxies are divided into several categories in accordance with their purpose and capabilities:

  • HTTP proxies are the most widespread variety that allows you to browse websites and download data using the HTTP protocol. It supports hypertext and correctly displays various graphic elements on the pages.

  • HTTPS - differ from the previous category by the presence of support for pages with SSL cryptographic protocol. You can identify such resources by the postscript of the same name in the address bar of your browser.

  • SOCKS4, SOCKS5 are the most advanced and functional options that work equally well both when visiting various Internet sites and in applications running outside the browser. For example, online computer games, programs for viewing / downloading videos.

Anonymity data is decrypted on the service as follows. No - your real network address is not hidden from a remote server (destination), as is the fact of using a web proxy. Low - real IP data is hidden, but not the fact of their concealment. Medium - your real coordinates are replaced by a proxy server, posing as real information. High - hiding the real IP and the fact that you use intermediary servers. As for speed, it’s still simpler - the lower the numerical response indicator (ms), the faster the data exchange between you and the server will occur. This also indicates increased stability of the compound.

How to use our service

It is now easier than ever to secure anonymity and bypass restrictions on access to certain network resources. Our site provides its services at no cost, does not oblige users to purchase any paid features and undergo a long tedious registration procedure. In order to take full advantage of the anonymous proxy, you don’t need to specify your email, login or password - just copy the IP address and port data, and then enter them in the appropriate fields of the software settings of your device. Consider several options:

  • Proxy in the browser (drawback - it works only in the case of Internet sites). Each program has its own path to this menu. In Google Chrome, for example, just go to the “System” section from the settings menu and open the “Proxy Server Settings” tab there. In Mozilla, the path will be longer: Tools - Options - Advanced - Proxy configuration. After making changes, the browser is recommended to restart. An alternative option is to install a special plug-in / extension in the browser, but in this case, you most likely will have to face restrictions on the amount of traffic consumed.

  • Proxy through third-party software. On the Internet you can find different applications - both paid and free, in which it is possible to start a connection through fast proxies. They often contain their own proxy list and other additional services such as instant cleaning of the entire search history, visited pages and cookies of any installed browsers. Also, clients are often integrated with their own servers, which you do not need to prescribe connection settings for.

  • Proxies in Windows system settings. To register the IP and port of one of the servers indicated on the site, you need to go to the “Network and Sharing Management” section, and from there to the connection / network settings. After filling out the data regarding the proxy server, you only need to apply the changes. Now this setting will be applied to most connections, although there will be exceptions, for example, in the case of using various applications that interact with the Internet outside the browser. At any time, the VPN function can be deactivated, leaving the entered proxy data unchanged.

  • Proxies in the system settings of Android / iOS mobile devices. In the case of “apple” gadgets, everything is as simple as possible - in the Wi-Fi and Internet settings in a prominent place there is an item responsible for using proxies online. There you should write all the information about the intermediate node. Android differs from version to version and often looks different on different devices, so you have to find a specific connection, put its parameters into manual input mode and fill in the data in the nearby section. On the Internet it is easy to find detailed instructions for each revision of the software shell.

Online proxies can also be obtained for free using special anonymizing sites. But unlike the servers listed here, they work rather slowly, plus they are far from always able to correctly display graphic content and various forms of authorization. The best option today is to download proxies for free in the format of third-party applications like X-Proxy or Proxy Switcher. They not only have a bunch of additional functions, but also greatly simplify data entry, enable / disable intermediary servers during an Internet connection to a particular destination. You do not have to climb into the jungle of system settings to re-select the server or deactivate the VPN.

Future Paid Features

Despite the fact that at the moment the site is exclusively providing useful information (good proxies for free and without registration), in the future it is planned to actively develop the project and its functionality. One of the priority areas is providing users with the opportunity to buy proxies for temporary use. This service does not affect the existing ones, but allows you to provide the person who ordered it with a higher quality service.

Why are proxies paid when there are their free counterparts? It is a logical question, which is easy to give the same logical answer. Firstly, they are rented out on the basis of the “one address in one hand” principle; accordingly, you will be the sole owner. This allows you to provide higher speed and increased reliability of the connection. Secondly, the choice of available servers will increase, as will the number of options (region, speed, response and other variables). Thirdly, you, as a consumer of the service, have every right to contact the administration and make a complaint if you are suddenly not satisfied with any points. Proxies are free of charge with good speed, of course, you can find a trial and error method, but it will take a lot of time, plus you are unlikely to get a guarantee of quality of work and server availability for a long time.

What Internet resources can I access

Our site helps to obtain proxy lists for free, thereby giving the opportunity to anyone who wants to ensure full access to many network functions, for one reason or another, forcibly truncated by third parties. Here are some examples of the effective use of intermediary servers:

  • Bypassing regional locks, for example, access for Ukrainian residents to Russian social networks, search engines and e-mails Mail.ru and Yandex, which in the country are replaced by a stub at the provider level. It is noteworthy that the activity of these sites in the country is illegal, but the use of proxies for access is quite legal and is not stopped in any way.

  • Download files via torrent trackers subject to rating or other restrictions. Any user on such sites can be deprived of the ability to download new torrents if the number of downloaded will be many times greater than the number of distributed. Fresh proxies will help you register under a new IP and use the desired function.

  • Access to online gaming servers inaccessible to your country. It is not uncommon for a Russian-language publisher to buy out the rights to a project and artificially create obstacles for people who want to play on foreign servers. Using foreign free proxies, this is easy to stop.

  • Shopping on the Internet at foreign sites, participating in promotions on sites. Regional pricing policies are often unfair to some countries - somewhere, a product can cost almost half the price (especially if it's some kind of digital key). Using a proxy, it’s easy to disguise yourself as a foreigner, but it’s better not to abuse it - they can block your account if it suddenly opens up a fraud.

  • Work on the Internet. Webmasters often have to register many identical accounts on social networks and other resources, parse data from search engines and other sources, organize mass mailings and posting under different profiles for website promotion. Without anonymous proxies, doing all of the above is not so simple, even with specialized software.

Terms of use and responsibility of the administration

Our service is purely informational and is designed to help users gain access to free, reliable and high-speed proxies. Resource administrators do not interfere in any way with their personal lives and do not collect confidential information regarding the pages you visit, the devices you use, etc. On the other hand, we cannot guarantee that the owners of proxy sites from our list will adhere to the same standards. The level of security, connection speeds and other variables can change over time, and not always for the better. Use the free database at your own risk.

In the event that you encounter a drop in performance, a problem connection or other problems with one of the servers listed in the rating, you can always try the proxies of another country / region from our list. Problems may be temporary - associated with a high load on the part of other users, so it often makes sense to invest in buying a subscription that allows you to rent the best proxies for an individual lease.

Prohibitions and restrictions

Project functions are fully provided to residents of any countries and regions where there is access to an Internet connection. They can be used by owners of personal computers, tablets / smartphones or other devices that have the necessary network functions. Each visitor to the site should understand that no matter what proxy service he has chosen from us (or through another external source), safe work requires compliance with a number of prohibitions. In particular, it is forbidden to use the proxy list to hide the identity while conducting illegal activities - organizing the sale of prohibited substances, weapons, and the distribution of illegal content. In some cases, even attempts to gain access to all of the above are penalized and administratively punished.

The list of free proxies helps ensure confidentiality in the case of the vast majority of other network users, but in some cases, when it comes to competent specialists from government bodies, identifying a particular person is no longer difficult. Law enforcement officers go to the owners of the proxy, and they subsequently merge all the information they need.

Conclusion Why is it worth using our service?

The project you are currently on is made by active Internet users for the same users on the other side of the network cable. All the experience gained by the administration was aimed at providing high-quality services. Here are just a few of the obvious benefits:

  • Availability of user friendly and easy to learn interface. Regardless of which device you prefer to surf on the Internet through, it will be equally easy for you to find proxies that fully meet your needs.

  • A large number of settings allows you to display in the search results only those servers that are most relevant to you in terms of speed, type, geographic location and other parameters. Copying the IP address and port is also implemented as conveniently as possible.

  • Protecting user privacy and security. No data about page visitors, their software, addresses and settings is stored, so there is no reason to worry about your anonymity.

  • Unlike many competing sites, we do not use aggressive forms of advertising - pop-up banners, redirects from page to page without user intervention. There are no bulky elements on the site that impede its use by people with a slow / limit connection.

  • Our proxy sheet is verified and highly rated by a large number of satisfied users, periodically returning to download proxies for their needs. All functions are available to anyone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Well and most importantly - we constantly monitor the relevance of the data provided. New working proxies from different regions around the globe, new proxies for free / paid use regularly appear on the page. With their help, you can easily get high-speed access to any site, service or application that uses the capabilities of a network connection.