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Proxy Online - User Information

Very often, network users are faced with the need to protect their privacy or bypass various blocking access to sites, online games servers or other resources. And such a popular technology as Internet proxy helps in this. In this article, we will analyze its principle of operation and list several ways to organize an anonymous connection.

Proxies online. What is it and why is it necessary?

When users of a PC or other devices are browsing the Internet, their gadgets directly interact with the servers of a particular application / site. These servers get the opportunity to collect a lot of information about you - email address, location data, operating system, browser, etc. This results in two negative aspects for the user - loss of anonymity and a chance to get a lock for one reason or another. For example, for several years now, the Ukrainian government, for political reasons, has cut off all residents access to a number of Russian resources - VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks, news publications, the Yandex search engine, and many others.

Fortunately, all these prohibitions are easily helped by free proxies - intermediary servers acting as a link between the two participants in the connection. The application or site to which you are connecting in this way is deprived of the opportunity to access personal information, identifying as the user the owner of the proxy address. Of course, this does not give complete and absolute anonymity - if suddenly you are interested in law enforcement and want to dig deeper, the technologies they have at their disposal will allow you to get the necessary information. So do not use a proxy for illegal activities.

Proxy servers can be divided into four categories:

  • CGI is the simplest version, but very limited in functionality. Using such proxies is quite simple: you just need to open the page of a special site (in the future we will consider these resources in more detail), drive the address of the desired page to which you want anonymous access into the proposed field, and wait for the download. The main disadvantages of this method are the rather low connection speed and the inability to load / correctly display some of the graphic or text elements of the page. Some sites often generally refuse to run through a CGI proxy.
  • HTTP proxy - this option can already work with hypertext, that is, to fully display all the elements of the pages opened in the browser. Having set up your Internet connection for access through a proxy server in the corresponding section of the control panel options, you will automatically apply these settings to all browsers and applications through which you are connected to the World Wide Web.
  • SHTTP is a connection method similar to the previous version, differing only in the ability to fully view pages that use advanced SSL encryption. They can be recognized by the letter code “https” at the beginning of the address.
  • SOCKS4, SOCKS5 - the most advanced anonymous proxy with support for additional data exchange protocols. It can be useful in cases where you want to bypass the lock or maintain anonymity when accessing various applications. For example, in this way you can play an online game, the administrators of which forbade network users from your region to register, or connect to the online movie theater service through a special application.

Web proxy. How to connect and use?

So, if you are not a very demanding user, but just want to access a particular blocked page through your browser, just use one of the many services presented on the Internet. All of them act on a similar principle, but we still highlight the trinity of leaders who stand out among the gray mass of leaders:

  • proxytools.online is a popular platform whose main advantages are speed and anonymity. Servers are located in the United States and Europe (you can choose your preferred option before loading the desired page). The site also has its own web extension for the Google Chrome browser, eliminating the need to constantly go to the project site when using a proxy.
  • proxytools.online - this project is even better than the previous one we reviewed. Users here gain access to a more detailed list of settings. You can choose not only a location (USA, Germany, Netherlands), but also set connection details: prohibit / enable cookies, disable / enable downloading scripts and other objects on pages, encrypt pages and URLs. In addition to the plugin for Chrome, there is also an extension for the equally popular Firefox browser.
  • proxytools.online - users using this proxy site are given the opportunity to choose among 15 American and 10 European servers. Although the service does not have a large number of options, it supports data encryption and allows you to successfully work with various types of devices - not only with stationary computers and laptops, but also with gadgets running mobile operating systems.

The disadvantage is that even the most reliable and fastest proxy service on the Internet will not support the entire extended list of functions and will not provide the speed identical to the direct connection. To organize better communication using a proxy, you will have to configure the connection in your operating system. Login information (addresses, ports, etc.) can be found on the proxytools.online website. This project is a list that is conveniently sorted by various criteria, where free working proxies are located. Sorting by country, degree of anonymity, response time and types of supported connections is available. And in the rightmost column are the dates when the last time the performance of a server was tested.

Configure proxies on different versions of Windows

Users of modern revisions of the Microsoft operating system will need no more than four steps to try a proxy connection:

1) In the section with the parameters of the Start menu (you need to click on the gear icon located there), select “Network and Internet”, and from it go to the tab with the proxy settings.

2) In the manual settings block, check the box next to the item that allows you to manually set the connection parameters.

3) The values ​​of the address and port will help to find the proxy list. You can find such resources on request “list of free proxies” in any search engine. There are a lot of sites with ratings on the Internet.

4) To return to the default connection, it is enough to deactivate the “use proxy” setting. This does not delete the registered parameters, so at any time you can connect an anonymous connection again with the address and port already set.

In Windows 7, you can access the proxy settings using the Win + R hotkey combination. It will bring up a command prompt window where the parameter “proxytools.online” should be written. On the page that appears, there will be a tab with network connections, from where it is easy to go to the section with network settings. The remaining manipulations are almost identical to those described earlier - the user needs to prescribe the proxy settings and apply the changes. That's it, now a third-party server will be used as a link for any of your connections. Experiment with different options to find the fastest and most stable of them.

How to connect fast proxies for other operating systems?

Despite the fact that Windows is now almost a monopolist in the market, do not forget about other operating systems, and users of mobile devices who prefer to surf the Internet via Wi-Fi or 2-3-4 and even 5G networks, every year getting bigger. They, too, can hide their real IP address for personal purposes by setting up their OS accordingly.

  • In MacOS, you need to lower the shutter of the Apple menu, find there the settings section and the subsection responsible for the Internet connection. Among the list of connections you need to find the one you are currently using (usually there is only one name in the list, so it is unlikely that anyone will be able to make a mistake), and open the advanced menu of its settings. It remains only to fill in the fields with the address and port, which helps the proxy list.
  • On devices running Android, the procedure may vary, since the systems themselves undergo major changes from version to version and sometimes even correct by the manufacturers of specific devices, which is facilitated by open source code. But, in general, the sequence is as follows: the user needs to open the settings menu for a specific connection, go to advanced settings and connection options, activate the manual mode for entering parameters and enter working proxies.
  • The easiest way to configure proxies is in Apple iOS. It is enough for the owner of the “apple” device to find the option menu item responsible for Wi-Fi and other types of connections, in the menu with sub-items there will be a section with proxy settings. Having activated the manual mode, it remains only to prescribe the necessary parameters. The connection using the intermediate server can be turned on and off by moving the slider slider to the active / inactive position.

It is worth noting that the settings that are not always prescribed in the system work correctly in the case of certain connections. There are usually no problems with browsers, but third-party applications often fail or even start as if there was no proxy between your PC and their server. In this case, it makes sense to contact the project support service, the functionality of which you want to access, and ask for help (unless, of course, you tried to bypass the lock issued to you using a proxy). Sometimes even the owners of Internet projects themselves help in overcoming regional restrictions and various prohibitions by releasing specialized software.

One striking example is Mail.ru, whose resources were blocked by a decree of the Ukrainian government. Users learned how to bypass the blocking of the email service, Odnoklassniki and the search engine rather quickly, but problems began with online client games. The process of connecting a proxy was too complicated for many, and finding good proxies for free is clearly not an easy task. Then Mail.ru released an advanced launcher for their games, where you just need to go into the settings and check the box “use proxies”. The program itself selects the optimal server for connection quality and bypasses the restrictions, sacrificing speed and quality of communication only to a minimum.

Options for accessing proxies

1) Through anonymizing sites. About them has already been written earlier. Enter the address in the line and enjoy the slow loading of the site and various problems with the display of its elements. Not the best option, but for one-time actions the most suitable.

2) Using browser extensions. Any user of a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera and the like, can go to the official extension store and find a free plug-in there, which allows you to instantly access proxy servers from a list of your choice. The only drawback is that the amount of traffic in the free versions is usually limited to a few hundred megabytes per month. Accordingly, if you accidentally open a “heavy” page with a video, an abundance of graphics or start downloading from the Internet, this can eat all your supplies. You’ll have to either pay for a subscription, or install an extension from another manufacturer.

3) Connecting a proxy in the browser settings. Any modern browser (not only stationary, but also mobile options like Safari) has in its settings the function of connecting through a proxy server with data. New proxies, peeped in lists from the Internet or purchased by subscription, can be specified in the corresponding option item. But keep in mind - the connection will work only for Internet surfing in the selected browser.

4) Connection using Windows or another operating system. In theory, it should be applied to any network connections, but in practice it often fails when it comes to traffic transfer by specific applications.

5) Using third-party programs to access the servers. They are paid, free and shareware (when part of the functionality is available to everyone, and part - only after payment or subscription). Users who decide to download proxy software to a computer often receive a number of useful features in the appendage. For example, unlimited access to a list of servers updated in real time, utilities for testing connection speed, a collector of data on transmitted traffic and visited addresses.

The last of the methods described above is the most reliable and convenient, since the software can be configured to work in the background, eliminating the need to run it every time the system starts. No need to bother with extensions and climb into the bowels of system settings, risking somewhere to change something and lose working capacity (especially true for people who do not spend much time on the computer and do not understand all these electronic gadgets). At any time, you can expand the program window and make changes - disable / enable proxies, change the server, clear cookies in all browsers, if provided for in the settings.

  • X-Proxy is a time-tested proxy. The application works with Windows operating systems, starting from a long time ago obsolete XP and ending with the current Top Ten. Users can choose from a variety of proxies from different points of the Asian, European and American regions, which allows for high quality connections. The program includes several utilities aimed at improving privacy - for example, Internet Explorer users can click the entire pair of buttons to clear the entire browser history and login / password data on all sites.
  • Proxy Switcher is a program with a minimalistic interface that allows you to save time to all those who prefer to access the Internet through a proxy. In the main window at startup, a list of proxies provided on a free basis is displayed, as well as detailed information for each of them - status, country, address and port. The abundance of settings allows you to conveniently sort and apply everything in various situations. The only drawback is that Proxy Switcher can be used for free only for a limited time. Then you have to get a license key.
  • Tunnel Bear - why do you need to install proxies when there is a very convenient extension for Chrome. Having visited the Google Play store, you can install a convenient plug-in with just one click, the icon of which will be displayed in the upper right corner of your browser. The only condition is that before starting work, you will have to create an account by specifying the email and the desired password. After that, you will get access to the function of choosing the country where the server is located, and the slider that instantly turns the proxy on and off. By default, only 500 megabytes of traffic per month is available, but after advertising the extension on Twitter, you’ll get one more bonus gigabyte.
  • VPN Proxy Master is a free application for smartphones running Android OS that makes browsing the Internet as comfortable and safe as possible. Now you can safely connect to public unprotected networks, hide the address of the actual location and bypass the blocking of web pages. Servers are present in the USA, Canada, India and a dozen countries in different corners of the globe. The application is not demanding on the resources of the device and runs without problems on Android version 4.1 and higher. What is nice, the application is actively supported by its creators, releasing updates several times a month.

Proxies online free and paid - what are their differences?

Most network users have enough expenses to pay for access to the Internet (some don’t even pay for it using free Wi-Fi in public places) - they’re not used to buying content or services online. But the fact remains that finding proxies for free with good speed is extremely difficult to find. And if you find it, it’s far from the fact that after a short time it will not suddenly disappear or its performance will not deteriorate. We'll have to tinker with the settings again, look for options, re-pass authorization on each site. Some projects, in general, ask for confirmation by e-mail after authorization from a new IP address. All this can be avoided if you buy high quality proxies. The benefits speak for themselves:

  • The ability to select a server according to an extended set of criteria - response time, speed, efficiency and other parameters important to users. In fact, anonymizing sites give you to download proxies for free only for advertising purposes, and save the best features for paid subscribers.
  • Paid proxies work stably and without interruptions, as they do not have such a high load as their free-mode counterparts experience. If suddenly a paid user encounters inconvenience during use, he can contact the service and submit a complaint. Often penalties are reimbursed by renewing the subscription for free and other bonuses.
  • Using proxy lists for free, users often face the need to sort through dozens of addresses in search of an adequately working option. In the case of a paid proxy, this is not the case - you are given a working IP and port, which can only be specified in the settings of the system, browser or a specific application.
  • With anonymity, things are also much better. For owners of other resources on the network and individuals, your data will not be available. But, again, it is quite easy for the competent authorities to contact the service provider and force it to provide all the information about your computer, location and addresses visited using proxies.

There is only one drawback with paid proxies - the need to issue / renew a subscription. But it can be called insignificant due to the presence on the Internet of a huge number of sites with a fairly loyal pricing policy. Collaboration on a long-term basis is especially beneficial - if the user signs up for 1 year of subscription, it will be much more profitable than if he renews the service every month for another 30 days. Below are a few popular options in the Russian-language segment of the Internet:

  • proxytools.online - the site is famous for its low prices and prompt service with the activation of addresses in automatic mode. Each client (their number has already exceeded 100 thousand) receives individual access to a specific address, without being forced to share it with other people. This has a positive effect on the speed and stability of the connection. Monthly access costs from 25 to 70 rubles per address, but those who wish can choose other terms - both minimum (from 3 days) and maximum (up to 3 months).
  • proxytools.online - the service provides the best proxies from Kazakhstan, Poland, the United States and Russia. The users will certainly appreciate the flexible tariff plan network, which includes reliable proxies for individual use, cheaper shared proxies (one server can share several people, which sometimes negatively affects the quality of the connection), proxies with the ability to change the address an nth number of times (dynamic ) Payment for services is carried out by credit cards and payment systems popular on the Russian-speaking Internet.
  • proxytools.online - this project is likely to be appreciated by users of social networks and webmasters involved in collecting statistics from search engines, parsing and mass mailings. When buying a proxy site, you can choose for what specific purpose a person is going to use access. For example, the use of the KeyCollector program, VikingBotovod, access to online auctions and foreign trading floors, which, by default, are not available to residents of Russian-speaking regions. Servers are geographically located in ten countries around the world, which allows you to choose the closest option for placement.

For those people who are most worried about the confidentiality of their information and hiding their identities, it makes sense to look at the foreign counterparts of these services. They work according to exactly the same principle, but the cost of services can noticeably exceed several times the stated prices in our region. Fresh proxies for a month of use will consume about $ 5 on average from your wallet, which also cannot be called a large sum (usually the majority of our citizens pay so much for a 100-megabit Internet connection), and if you take a wholesale subscription several months in advance, monthly costs can be reduced by another 15-20%.

To summarize

Summarizing all of the above, we can confidently say that the proxy is extremely useful in some situations, a tool. With it, you can bypass restrictions on access to certain network resources (it doesn’t matter if your boss blocked access to social networks, you got a ban on the site or registration is prohibited from your region), protect your personal information, etc. . Proxies can be useful for organizing mass mailings, multi-registrations, collecting data on the Internet, and computer games. The list goes on and on.

Setting up a connection through an intermediary computer is quite simple - you just need to find the proxy list, borrow the data from there and enter them in the corresponding fields of the connection settings. This can be done both for your browser or client program of a specific application, and for the system as a whole. Proxies are paid and free, so the user will also have to make a choice - save money, but work at a reduced speed and possible interruptions, or give preference to paid servers with the principle of “one IP in one hand”, where everything functions reliably like a Swiss watch.