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While working on the Internet, many users are faced with the need to register on a site or receive an important message from one of their contacts. But the problem is that sites usually require confirmation of a real mailbox, and this ultimately leads to unpleasant consequences for the user. Owners of dubious resources (and even seemingly decent ones at the first glance) often merge databases with spammers or do mailings themselves, which is why the box owner is forced to look for his correspondence among the heaps of advertising garbage sent to his account.

Our service allows you to solve the problem once and for all, giving each Internet user the opportunity to create temporary mail, which is not tied to his personal data and is eliminated after the specified time of inactive use. Thus, it will be unrealistic for spammers, scammers and other unscrupulous network users to get you, because the temporary address will simply cease to exist.

Temporary Email and its Benefits

Let's take a closer look at the benefits that a randomly generated and self-destructing email address can provide, and in what areas of network activity it can be used. The main advantages are visible to the naked eye:

  • Availability. To use the temporary mailbox, just go to the main page of the service and copy the mailbox address to your clipboard. No lengthy registration procedure and tedious filling of various fields in the questionnaire.
  • Anonymity. A temporary mail address, unlike the registered one, will not require personal information from the user. No name, residence address, logins and passwords, binding mobile phone numbers (yes, in 2019, some popular mail resources already made this procedure mandatory).
  • Functionality. Boxes, in fact, the user is given an unlimited number. If he needs to change one address to another, just one click on the button is enough for the page to refresh and give out new mail.

All of the above makes a temporary mail extremely useful in many situations. For example, a webmaster needs to make many registrations on the same forums, posting the messages he needs on behalf of several users there. If you register a separate mailbox for each account, it will take a lot of time, but with temporary mail, work will be completed in a matter of minutes. We copied the address into the form, filled it in and answered the message confirming registration that came to the temporary mail account. And so several times.

Or another example. You need to register on a site that is likely to be fraudulent. To enter your real mailing address into the registration form, to which your bank cards, electronic payment systems accounts and social networks are attached, is the height of nonsense. They will get an address, try to hack or, which is not much better, bombard them with annoying ads and phishing emails. But the one-time mail for registration has nothing to do with you, so you can simply quit the account created on a suspicious site if you wish.

Also, online mail without registration can be useful to all those who actively participate in distributions on various sites. For example, a promotion on the site of a popular antivirus involves obtaining one key in one hand, but since you want to type more of them, it makes sense not to use your real address, but to create a temporary email. After that, it remains only to perform a few registrations on different mailboxes and with changing IP using various anonymizers and proxies.

Why our service

Free mail without registration is no longer something new and surprising for netizens. On the Internet you can find dozens of domestic and foreign services with similar functionality, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it is definitely worth paying attention to our project, because it compares favorably with most electronic mailboxes in a number of ways:

  • High cross. People often encounter situations when letters to them simply do not reach. In our case, there will be a minimum of such situations, because, firstly, the service is compatible with Russian-language and foreign sites, and secondly, it has not become familiar to site owners and has not been included in block lists and various filters.
  • User friendly interface. Registering temporary mail on the site will not require any additional gestures - all the elements responsible for copying the address, updating the timer and deleting the mail that you have finished using are in a prominent place. A FAQ on using the site and other useful information are published where users can easily find it.
  • Support for all standards necessary for the correct display of text content in letters and links attached to them - in the form in which it was originally implied by the sender. In this temporary mail mail is not inferior even to eminent service providers that allow you to register conventional electronic mailboxes.
  • Caring for your privacy. The project staff does not keep any records of user correspondence, does not use the contents of emails sent for personal purposes and does not try to spy on users using software tools (however, you should not try to resolve important financial issues through temporary mail or exchange confidential data).
  • Ability to use on mobile devices - tablets and smartphones. Temporary mail pace looks great not only on a large widescreen monitor of a personal computer, but also on compact screens of portable equipment. The interface is perfectly adapted and devoid of sophisticated graphic elements, which means that even users of not too fast mobile Internet will experience all the advantages of quick page loading and instant response.
  • Continuous improvement of service and modernization of functionality. Our task was not just to make temporary mail, of which there are a huge number on the Internet, but to provide a reliable, fast and functional tool for all those to whom disposable mail can save time. In the future, the site will be modernized, and the opportunities offered to users to expand.

As you can see, the above are enough reasons to get acquainted with this service. And you will not lose anything at all if you try, because the indication of personal data, confirmation of the mobile phone number or communication with social networks are not required here. No interference with privacy and sophisticated obstacles to receiving services.

How to use our service. Quick guide

Mail without registration is quite easy to use and has an intuitive interface, so it’s not difficult to figure it out. The general usage algorithm is as follows:

  1. You open the service website and copy the already generated email address from the main page to the clipboard. You can either manually select the text, or simply click on it with the left mouse button - all the necessary information will be in the buffer.
  2. The received information can be communicated to the addressee who should send the letter to you, or used to register on various sites, create accounts in online games, participate in the distribution of bonuses and digital / information products on the sites, leave comments on other resources.
  3. When a message arrives at your temporary address, information about this will be displayed in a special window on the service page. It will be enough for you to press a button to open a full-sized image with the contents of the letter.
  4. If registration on the site implies confirmation by clicking on the link, you need to find it in the text and click. Usually the links are active, but sometimes, due to the sender or the work, the services are provided in text format. Then you have to manually copy the link text and paste it into the address bar of your browser, and then go to the page.

E-mail without registration is free of charge, as mentioned earlier, is provided for a limited time - on the same page where you copy the address, there will be a timer with a countdown to the removal of the box. If for one reason or another you do not have time to complete all the necessary operations in the allotted time or the letter cannot be reached from the site, you should click on the renew button - then the timer will start again from the maximum value, and the address used will remain.

One-time mail of 10 minutes can also be deleted ahead of schedule, for which a special button is placed on the page. Clicking on it not only erases the current mailbox, but also automatically immediately generates a new one for use. This is very convenient, since the user does not have to wait long before they are given another opportunity to register another account using the service.

Beginners who have just discovered such a useful tool as temporary mail for 10 minutes often encounter problems while using such services and look for answers to questions regarding their functionality. So that you do not have to collect this information bit by bit, we will consider common problems in the popular “Question and Answer” format.

Letters do not come or come with a noticeable delay - what should I do?

This problem can have several causes. The first and most common one is problems on the side of the site itself or the postal service through which a letter is sent to the address specified by the user. Here it is recommended to wait and retry sending again, but after some time, or change the address to a new one via the reset button. The second option, which, alas, nothing can be done about it, is blocking at the site level, where our one-time email is under the filter.

Can I somehow regain the old address?

No, the principle of providing a service is based on continuous replaceability. As soon as the temporary email is deleted for 10 minutes (the timer expires, and the user forgets / does not want to renew it), a new address will be automatically generated. You will no longer be able to use the old one, as well as gain access to the letters sent by your contacts after deleting this mail.

What should I do if the letters arriving in the mail become distorted?

Another common problem that users have to deal with is the pace of emails. Different sites use different fonts and encodings, which the service may not support. Because of this, the text can be replaced with obscure hieroglyphs and scribbles. It is worth noting that on our site this problem is practically absent due to the large number of supported formats, so you will always receive letters in their original form.

Will temporary mail be lost for registration if I close my browser tab?

No, contrary to a common misconception, the user does not need to keep the site open all the time, and any interruptions in the Internet will not affect the availability of the mailing address for a predetermined period of time. The user receives cookies that allow him to be identified as the owner of the mailbox, and they will be deleted only if the user closes the browser (or if the user replaces one mailbox with another).

Is unregistered mail suitable for file transfer?

Unfortunately, our temporary mail mail, like any other temporary mail services, by default does not provide file transfer functionality in attachments. But no one is stopping users from downloading the necessary data to file-sharing services and cloud storages, and already in the letter put down the download link. This is not very convenient, but the downloaded file will not be deleted with the mail, but will be available from any computer or mobile device after clicking on the link.

When should you use a temporary email service?

There are situations when it is preferable for network users to use an officially registered permanent mailbox or even several addresses in verified mail services. The thing is that the anonymity and the limited lifespan of temporary mail, for which Internet users love it so much, have the other side of the coin. Consider a few typical situations.

A person needs to register an account on a social network, bind a mailbox to an online banking service, create a profile on the website of an online store, where he constantly goes shopping. This, of course, he can do with temporary mail. But what will happen when a user forgets the password from his personal account or becomes a victim of scammers / hackers who cheat or programmatically steal his personal information? Usually, access to your account is restored by resetting your password through an email. Only now the letter will not come if the mail is temporary and has long been deleted.

Important! Never use the temporary mail service if you are registering an important account containing valuable information or money. However, most likely you will not be allowed to do this, since the rate of mail is usually added to the black list of such sites and letters often do not reach the addressee at all.

The second limitation is the use of the temporary mail service to exchange confidential information with other network users. If, for example, you threw off one of your contacts a temporary address and asked to send some valuable data to it, you exposed yourself and his risk of hacking. A secure exchange involves supporting advanced encryption technologies and additional account protection with a username and password, which the pace does not provide. Therefore, for private correspondence and transferring files / links, it is better to use instant messengers or regular email.

Administration restrictions and responsibilities

The aim of our project is to create the most affordable and functional service for creating temporary mailboxes. It is available in all countries and regions without exception, without limiting people in the number of addresses used per day. However, the administration does not approve of the use of the site to carry out illegal and unlawful activities. These situations include:

  1. The transfer of materials that violate the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries - the exchange of prohibited content, drug trafficking and the like criminal offenses.
  2. Involving temporary mail in fraudulent transactions, registration on blocked resources, where content prohibited for distribution is posted.
  3. Attempts to impersonate another person by registering on the website of a bank or other financial institution or government agency.

The project administration does not bear any responsibility for the actions of all entities falling under the aforementioned signs. All data required by law enforcement agencies, if requested, will be transmitted to them (but by default, IP addresses, computer data, and the contents of correspondence are not recorded by us and are not used in any way). In addition, it is forbidden to use any kind of automatic software in combination with the service, which can create an increased load on the site and make it difficult for other users to access it. Users violating this rule will be blocked on a permanent basis.

Conclusion Temporary mail without registration and its main features

Summing up all of the above, it is necessary to highlight the main points that characterize our mail service:

  • Any network user gets the opportunity to create one-time mail, which will operate for a limited time and will be deleted forever after it expires. Addresses can be changed in unlimited quantities, simply by clicking on the button, and extend the term of work with them, if you suddenly need extra time.
  • Mailboxes are suitable for receiving emails and registrations on various sites that do not imply the storage of important data, because if you lose access to your account, you will not be able to restore it using mail (it will be deleted without recovery).
  • Our one-time mail without registration is provided free of charge, but despite this, users are not limited in any way in their capabilities. The only exception is the ban on all kinds of illegal activities.
  • The functionality of this mail is an order of magnitude superior to most analogues, as it provides not only high speed of delivery of letters, but also their correspondence to the sent source. In delivered letters, fonts are displayed correctly and attached links open without problems.
  • The flexible and pleasing to the eye interface is completely devoid of bulky graphic elements, so even users of mobile devices with slow Internet speeds will be able to quickly work. Temporary mail will open almost instantly.

Therefore, if you suddenly needed a reliable and convenient email without registration, it makes sense to pay attention to our service. Use your health and be sure to add it to your browser bookmarks!